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 DeKalb Teacher TSA Plan   
DeKalb County Teachers Retirement

UPDATE  April 1, 2015:  Below is a copy of an Opinion issued March 30, 2015 by the Court of Appeals.  In that Opinion, the Court of Appeals ruled that “the plaintiffs will have an opportunity to revisit” and address any supposed concerns regarding certification of this case as a class action.  In the words of the Court of Appeals’ Opinion, “it thus remains to be seen whether this case will move forward as a class action.”  Elaine Gold and Amy Shaye, long-time teachers who stepped forward as class representatives, remain intent upon seeking justice not just for themselves, but on behalf of all the teachers and employees who were shortchanged by the DeKalb County School District regarding funding of the TSA annuity retirement benefit.  As the Court of Appeals recognized, “[i]f ever there was a question that ought to be resolved once and for all, it is whether this school district shortchanged these teachers unlawfully.” 

Opinion of March 30, 2015 issued by the Court of Appeals.  

Elaine and Amy remain committed to seeing that a just remedy be available for all teachers negatively impacted by the School District’s sudden termination of this important retirement benefit.  Please return to this site periodically for further updates.

Background:  In 2009, the DeKalb County School District stopped payment on a retirement fund for district employees.  Plaintiffs claim this was in direct violation of the contract the district agreed to and has resulted in a loss of millions of dollars for district employees.
DeKalb teacher Elaine Gold and school psychologist Amy Shaye filed suit against the district in June 2011.  Their suit seeks class action status, which would allow other DeKalb Schools employees to join the suit against the district.  
On January 14, the Court denied Plaintiffs’ Motion for Class Certification. An appeal was filed immediately upon learning of this decision.

Click here to read the Motion for Partial Summary Judgment
here to read our Reply Brief regarding Class Certification
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