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The attorneys at Barnes Law Group have the unique charge of Making It Right for the citizens of Georgia and clients across the country. Our team is made up of the best legal minds in Georgia. Our attorneys and experienced staff have spent decades working in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors on behalf of those who have been wronged by others’ actions. Their individual talents combine to form one of the most powerful and experienced groups of litigators on the side of consumer advocacy and the rights of the individual.


The Barnes Law Group, LLC (“BLG”) prides itself on being a small firm that provides exceptional service to its clients. While offering all the benefits of a small firm, the Barnes Law Group also has the talent and resources to level the playing field and relentlessly pursue justice for its clients. We stand with you every step of the way, seeking justice for our clients. As a result, Barnes Law Group is highly regarded as a top national law firm that gets results.

Partnering With Outside Counsel to Make It Right

Our firm has a track record of working with referring counsel to deliver results. Whether you are a solo practitioner, individual litigator, or corporate counsel, you shouldn’t have to go it alone. We’ve got the experience and know-how to help you win your case. Our firm has been involved in achieving some of the largest class action recoveries in some of the most complex, document-intensive, and high-profile data breach class actions.

In particular, BLG has participated in and/or has been approved as class counsel in numerous high-profile cases including the Equifax Data Breach Litigation, No. 1:17-MD-02800-TWT (N.D. Ga.), one of the largest MDLs ever in terms of affected individuals. We were a part of the team securing a settlement on behalf of over 145 million people and joined by two federal agencies and most state attorneys general, defending the settlement on appeal, and overseeing the administration of the settlement.

BLG was also counsel of record in the following data breach cases: In Re: Home Depo Data Breach Litigation, No. 14-MD-2584-TWT (N.D. Ga)(data breach class action involving 40 million consumers resulting in settlement worth at least $13 million); In Re: Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. Data Security Litigation, No. 1:17-CV-1035-WMR (N.D. Ga.)(appointed as co-class counsel in class action settlement arising out of payment card data breach); and, “Miller v. NexGen Healthcare, Inc., No. 1:23-CV-02043-TWT (N.D. Ga)(data breach class action currently pending in the Northern District of Georgia.)

Additionally, a few examples of other complex litigation/class actions cases that BLG have been involved in are as follows:

  • State of Georgia v. Teva Pharmaceuticals, et al, Superior Court of Gwinnett County, Ga., CAFN 19-A-00060-2. BLG has been representing the State of Georgia as special outside counsel in the opioid litigation against various pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. Thus far those cases have yielded hundreds of millions of dollars in settlement funds for the state’s benefit, with active pre-trial preparation still occurring;
  • Elaine Ann Gold, et al, v. DeKalb County School District and DeKalb County Board of Education, Superior Court of DeKalb County, Ga., CAFN: 11CV3657 (class action against the Board of Education over pension contributions settled for $117.5 million);
  • Angela Dusko v. Delta Air Lines, Inc., CAFN: 1:20-cv-01664-ELR (N.D.Ga.) (pending final approval, nationwide class action settlement regarding refunds of cancelled flights in wake of COVID pandemic);
  • Richard A. Newton, Sr. v. Brighthouse Life Insurance Co., CAFN: 1:20-cv-02001-AT (motion for class certification pending; BLG is seeking to represent a Georgia class of insurance policy-holders alleging cost-of insurance overcharges);
  • Fast Sign Company, Inc. v. American Home Services, Inc., Superior Court of Fulton County, Ga., CAFN: 2003-CV-77276 ($459 million judgment for TCPA violations);
  • Cox v. Community Loans of America, CAFN: 4:11-cv-177-CDL (M.D.Ga.) (multistate settlement repaying Servicemembers damages for interest rates charged in violation of the Military Lending Act);
  • Mitchell v. Regions Bank, USDC, No. 2:17-cv-0100-RWS (N.D. Ga.) (approved as counsel for multistate settlement collective in FLSA action).
  • Gates v. Syrian Arab Republic, Case No. 1:06CV01500 (USDC DC) ($412 million judgment for terrorist sponsored activities);
  • First Center, Inc. v. Delta Comm. Credit Union, Superior Court of Cobb County, Ga., CAFN: 10-1-7119-40 ($75 million judgment for commercial lending dispute);
  • Greene v. Cash America, Inc., State Court of Cobb County, Ga., CAFN: 2004A7104-6 ($34 million class action settlement for payday lending violations);
  • Kahn v. Fortis Insurance Co., State Court of Fulton County, Ga., CAFN: 2004 VS 074998 ($14 million class action settlement for unlawful and allegedly fraudulent insurance rating practices).
  • Jason A. Sain, et al v. Preferred Women’s Healthcare, et al, State Court of Gwinnett County, Ga., CAFN: 14 C-03749-2, (medical malpractice action resulted in verdict of $8.5 million);

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Making It Right Is What We Do

When you are involved in a serious accident or suffer a medical injury, your whole world can be turned upside down. The last thing you need to worry about is getting through the legal process. At Barnes Law Group, we work with you to navigate this process efficiently to get the best possible outcome. Our staff cares about you, and you can be certain that you are in good hands. Since we are not a high-volume firm, we can focus our time and effort on identifying and investigating your claims thoroughly and expeditiously.

If you have been injured, contact us today. Your initial case evaluation is always free of charge and when you call our office, you will get to speak to an experienced member of our team

You can rest assured our team of experienced lawyers and staff will go to work for you, immediately assessing your current situation and developing a strategy for protecting your legal rights. We won’t rest until we’ve Made It Right for you.




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