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Mark and Kaitlin were an absolute joy to work with. They worked quickly on my case and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I’m so grateful for everything they did for me!

Jamie Wade

My wife and I were hit by a drunk driver that totalled our car. The car owner’s insurance company was giving us such a hard time ssince the driver technically wasn’t on the insurance policy. We desperately needed some help dealing with this case and Kristen and Sloan were absolute life savers. Not only did they get us the property damage money owed to us, they also got the insurance company to cover injury. If it wasn’t for them we would have had to file an uninsured motorist claim with our insurance company but really, this group saved us. Thank you!!


Barnes Law Group has been amazing to work with, especially Kristen and Sloan. They helped us navigate the uncertainty of our wreck and dealing with the at-fault, drunk drivers insurance that was not being cooperative with us. They were able to get our case settled and handled so much faster and easier than if we would have had to do it ourselves and I know we got the best outcome we could hope for. I’d highly recommend them to anybody who needs help with their accident.

Stacie Bettinger

Barnes Law Group was incredibly helpful in educating us about our case and guiding us through the process. Mark Meleski was extremely knowledgeable and his expertise in our case provided us with excellent representation. We were completely satisfied with the outcome and thankful for the entire team at Barnes Law Group.

Patty Dalgleish

Governor Barnes and his entire team go above and beyond! They helped me to be successful in a long running property dispute, and I am forever grateful to them! Top notch, and very professional all the way around.

Kristin Oblander

Everyone is very friendly and helpful and my matters were taken care of quickly

Lapege Powers

If I graded this firm with academic ratings I’d give them more than an “A.” It would be “A++.” Smart folks who speak in common language that non-lawyers can easily understand. And their insistence on doing it the right and ethical way will make you proud without ever being concerned they will embarrass you!

Bud Stumbaugh

Awesome group of people!

Ruthie Green

Represent for the teachers of DeKalb County!!


All l can say is thank you for saving my life.

Priya Bobbie

On November 26, 2011, my mother was killed in a freak car accident where a car came across the median of the interstate and ran directly into her car. She was killed instantly. My whole family was beyond devastated.
I was executor of her estate and I honestly don’t know how I would have managed it without the caring support of The Barnes Law Group. They were such a blessing in this very difficult time in our lives. They were extremely knowledgeable and helped me through the process every step of the way. They were always available for any questions or concerns that I had. They always treated me with courtesy, compassion, and support. I can’t imagine handling this trying time without them.
I highly recommend The Barnes Law Group to anyone needing help with legal matters. Words cannot adequately express my appreciation for my experience with them.

Julie Halstead

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