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Gwinnett County is one of the most populous counties in Georgia, with most of the population using cars to get to and from their destinations. Considering the densely populated area and the complex road systems, it is not uncommon for car accidents to occur. If you have been in a car accident in Gwinnett County, a diligent and experienced Gwinnett County car accident lawyer from Barnes Law Group can represent your case.

The deeply experienced legal team at Barnes Law Group is dedicated to ensuring that accident victims in Gwinnett County and surrounding areas get the compensation they are entitled to under the law. By working with one of our lawyers on your car accident claim, we can investigate your case deeply, collecting evidence to prove the other party’s liability and the extent of your damages and fighting for an optimal outcome.

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What Does a Gwinnett County Car Accident Lawyer Do?

A car accident lawyer who represents clients who have been in car accidents in Gwinnett County or surrounding areas has a variety of responsibilities and tasks, which can vary daily and depend on the details of the case they are working on. A Gwinnett County car accident lawyer generally helps their clients navigate the car accident claims process, ensuring that their rights and interests are protected by doing the following:

  • Case assessment and consultation. Gwinnett County car accident lawyers will typically offer an initial consultation, in which they generally evaluate the details of your case, such as the parties involved in the accident and your subsequent injuries and damages. Based on your case, they will inform you of your rights, including your rights to pursue compensation, and provide you with legal advice on options you can pursue.
  • Accident cause and damage investigation. A car accident lawyer may work alone or with subject matter experts to reconstruct your accident, understanding the situation that led up to it and the parties liable for the crash. They can also seek to uncover optimal evidence showing the extent and nature of your injuries and damages by collecting evidence such as medical reports, photos, videos, accident reports, and witness testimony.
  • Liability determination. Based on the evidence collected, a Gwinnett County car accident lawyer can work to determine the liable parties for the accident, showing whether certain parties were partially or completely liable. Liability determination is critical because the state follows comparative negligence rules.
  • Settlement negotiation with insurance companies. A car accident lawyer will submit the required documentation and supporting evidence to initiate the claims process with the liable party’s insurance company. They will work to leverage optimal negotiation skills to get the compensation package that the accident victim is entitled to.
  • Litigation initiation. If the insurance company representatives are not willing to be fair and just or come to an adequate settlement amount for the victim, a dedicated and passionate car accident lawyer will not hesitate to pursue litigation in court. They can adamantly advocate on behalf of the accident victim, presenting key evidence and strong legal arguments to forge a settlement that comprehensively covers all their damages.

By working with the car accident lawyer in Gwinnett County from Barnes Law Group, accident victims can be sure that they will be provided with the support and guidance necessary to work through the car accident claims process. Our compassionate and experienced team can provide emotional support during this challenging time, giving you ease of mind that the bureaucratic and legal details will be diligently handled on our law firm’s behalf.

What Steps Should I Take if I Am in a Gwinnett County Car Accident?

Getting in a car accident in the county can be personally challenging or even devastating, depending on the specific details of the accident. For example, victims who experience car accidents on busy motorways can be faced with further traumatic experiences involving the hazards they confront directly after the crash. By understanding how to navigate such situations, Gwinnett County residents can mitigate subsequent car accident consequences:

  • Get to safety. Right after the car accident, if it is possible to do so, it is critical to get out of the line of traffic and pull over to the side of the road. After getting to safety, accident victims should check for critical injuries sustained by themselves or by others involved in the accident. If there is an urgent medical situation, emergency authorities should be notified immediately.
  • Report the accident occurrence. Accident victims should call their local police department to report the car accident. They will need to wait until law enforcement arrives on the crash scene to take pertinent information and develop a police report.
  • Exchange critical information. All parties involved in the car accident should exchange contact information and insurance information. You will need to collect the name, address, driver’s license number, phone number, and insurance policy information of the other drivers involved. Furthermore, get the license plate number and make and model of the vehicles involved in the crash.
  • Do not discuss the accident. During these interactions, it is critical not to admit fault or place fault or even to discuss the details of what happened during the accident, as this could complicate subsequent insurance and legal processes down the line.
  • Thoroughly document the crash scene. Take videos and pictures, being sure to include key details of subsequent injuries, vehicle damage, and road conditions. As this media may be used as evidence later to document damages or prove liability, ensure that images are clear and subsequently stored in a safe place.

Furthermore, take down the details of the accident, such as the date and time of the crash, where it occurred, and what the general weather and road conditions were like.

After you’ve documented the crash scene, it’s critical to gather witness information, as they can serve as providing key evidence in the future. Even if you’re unsure about having experienced injuries, it is critical to get medical attention so that they can document any harm that may have happened and ensure that you get adequate care. You will also need to notify your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible.

Overall, it’s critical to get in contact with an experienced and skilled car accident lawyer who can help you understand how Georgia law may apply to your case, including your eligibility to pursue compensation for damages. They can also give you key guidance in navigating the claims process, ensuring that your rights are represented along the way. The compassionate legal team at Barnes Law Group is here to support you during these challenging times.

Gwinnett County Car Accidents FAQs

Q: How Much Do Accident Lawyers Charge?

A: The amount that an accident lawyer may charge depends on various factors, including the location of the law firm, the experience of the lawyer, the complexity and nature of your case, and the services that you are looking for. Georgia accident lawyers will typically charge based on a contingency fee, which means that they will take a percentage of the final settlement that you are awarded. On a contingency fee basis, the lawyer will only be paid if they win your case.

Q: How Much Is a Car Accident Settlement in Georgia?

A: The amount that you may be entitled to in a car accident settlement depends on various factors such as the severity of your injuries, the associated medical bills, any money you may have lost being injured and out of work, as well as further damages. An experienced Gwinnett County personal injury lawyer can work with you to understand the specifics of your case, including the evidence of liability, letting you know a more precise settlement amount that you may be entitled to.

Q: Should I Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Was My Fault?

A: Even if the car accident was your fault, it is generally advisable to get a lawyer to represent you. A car accident attorney can ensure that your rights are protected, negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf, and helping minimize any liabilities that you may be facing. Because the other party will likely hire legal representation, it’s important to have a knowledgeable legal representative who can ensure that your case is fair, with all evidence being considered.

Q: What Is Georgia Law on Auto Accidents?

A: According to Georgia law, drivers are required to report any automobile accidents that lead to property damage that equates to more than $500 or any injury or death. In such cases, drivers are required to exchange contact, insurance, and other pertinent information, as well as stay at the scene of the crash until authorities arrive.

In Georgia, comparative negligence rules decide liability issues and how much compensation each party can be awarded. An experienced lawyer can help you understand how Georgia law might apply to your case.

Get Fierce Representation From a Gwinnett County Car Accident Lawyer

As getting into a Gwinnett County car accident can be devastating, with far-reaching, sometimes permanent consequences, it is critical to ensure that you get the compensation you are entitled to. By working with an experienced car accident lawyer from Barnes Law Group, you can rest assured that all details of your case will be investigated, proving the liability of other parties and getting a comprehensive compensation package. Contact us today.



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